Why OnceOver?
Trust OnceOver Transparency

Dealers and car shoppers alike love OnceOver – an unbiased, third-party used car inspection service that gives buyers a 61-point Inspection Report that meticulously details a vehicle’s condition, and provides dealers with a tool that instills trust and starts the conversation.

OnceOver vehicle inspectors have years of auto industry experience, and every pre-purchase inspection is conducted using a proprietary grading system that produces an easy-read, easy-print car inspection checklist that covers everything from tire tread depth to the tiniest of door dings.

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Why OnceOver? Transparency

Trust the onceover 61-point inspection report.

The OnceOver 61-point Inspection Report is the best vehicle inspection tool on the market today. It’s designed for dealers who want to build trust with buyers by providing them with the most detailed used car inspection checklist possible.

What’s included? Here are just a few things you’ll find on your pre-purchase auto Inspection Report:

✓ Tire Tread Depth ✓ Warning Light Check ✓ Carpet & Floor mats
✓ Rock Chips ✓ Paint Condition ✓ Cabin Lighting
✓ Odor ✓ Dings & Dents ✓ Keys & Owner’s Manual
Report Card

Trust The Power Of The OnceOver Inspection Badge

Dealers who use OnceOver can advertise their commitment to the industry’s best pre-purchase inspections on their vehicle sales pages with our custom clickable badge.

Click the badge and it takes you to that vehicle’s 61-point vehicle Inspection Report – it’s that easy.

Customers get a reliable, unbiased auto inspection, and dealers get a more competitive sales page as well as a valuable negotiating tool.

Who is inspecting the automobiles?

Our inspectors are automobile enthusiasts that are passionate about cars. The inspectors know what to look for, and know their way around a vehicle. Will the inspectors miss a blemish from time to time? Maybe, they are only human. Will they give you an unbiased 3rd party opinion on the condition of the vehicle they are inspecting? Absolutely! OnceOver inspectors want to make sure the inspections are as accurate as possible. This will assure a fair grade if the vehicles you are looking at are in hundreds or thousands of miles apart.

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